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Leanne Clarke & Tracy Burrell, Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioners

Leanne and Tracy are Clinical Psychologists who have specialised in perinatal psychology. They have a great passion for natural birth and believe that calm, serene and empowering birth provides the most solid foundation for the physical and emotional health of mother and child. This belief lead them to seek additional training as Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioners to enable them to empower women and their birthing companions to trust in their natural birthing instincts.

What is HypnoBirthing®?

HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method is as much a philosophy as it is a technique. The concept of HypnoBirthing is not new, but rather a "rebirth" of the philosophy of birthing as it existed thousands of years ago and as it was recaptured in the work of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, an English obstetrician, who, in the 1920s, was one of the first to forward the concept of natural birthing. The method teaches you that, in the absence of fear and tension, or special medical circumstances, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labor.

The HypnoBirthing® Advantage
  • Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome before, during, and after birthing.
  • Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for chemical painkillers
  • Shortens the first stage of labour by several hours.
  • Eliminates fatigue during labour, enabling you to be fresh and awake with energy for birthing.
  • Eliminates risk of hyperventilation from "shallow" breathing methods.
  • Promotes bonding of mother, baby, and the birthing companion.
  • Fosters more rapid postnatal recovery
  • Returns birthing to the beautiful, peaceful experience that nature intended.
  • Creates a more integral role for the birthing companion.
You Will Learn:
  • Relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to eliminate the fear and tension that cause long labour and pain, replacing it with confidence, calm and comfort.
  • Techniques to produce a shorter, more comfortable labour.
  • The creation and control of the body's own natural anaesthesia.
  • The source of the myth that pain must accompany normal birthing
  • Why some women in other cultures have birthings almost entirely free of discomfort.
  • How the mother's body is designed to work in neuromuscular harmony with nature throughout labour.
  • Practice in deep relaxation during and between uterine surges.
  • The importance of perinatal bonding.
What is Hypnosis?

When you have your baby with HypnoBirthing®, you will not be in a trance or a sleep. What you will experience is similar to the daydreaming, or focusing, that occurs when you are engrossed in a book or a movie or staring into a fire. You will be conversant and in good spirits--totally relaxed, but fully in control. Awake throughout, you will be aware of your body's surges and your baby's progress; but because you will have trained yourself to reach complete relaxation, you will be able to determine the degree and the manner in which you will feel the surges. You will experience birthing in an atmosphere of calm relaxation, free of the fear that prevents the muscles of your body from functioning as nature intended them to. In this calm state, your body's natural relaxant, endorphins, replaces the stress hormones that constrict and cause pain.

How does HypnoBirthing differ from other childbirth preparation methods?

Unlike other childbirth methods that teach you how to cope with and manage pain, HypnoBirthing is based on the premise that childbirth does not necessarily need to be painful if the mother is properly prepared and relaxed. When women understand that pain is caused by constrictor hormones, created by fear, they learn, instead, to release fear thus creating endorphins—the feel good hormones. They are then able to change their expectations of long, painful labor and are able to replace them with expectations of a more comfortable birthing. Rather than exhausting, shallow breathing and the distraction techniques of typical “prepared childbirth” programs, HypnoBirthing parents learn deep abdominal breathing and total relaxation, enabling the laboring mother to work in harmony with her body and her baby. This allows her to achieve a shorter and more comfortable labor for herself and baby.

How is the Birth Companion involved?

The Birth Companion of the mother’s choice (e.g. husband, partner, friend) is an integral part of the HypnoBirthing experience. He or she practices with the mother in helping to prepare for deep relaxation. During labor the Birth Companion guides the laboring mother through hypnosis prompts, relaxation techniques, deepening methods, and visualizations, provides comfort measures, and joins in welcoming the new baby, often by receiving the baby as he emerges.

Will HypnoBirthing be useful to me if I don’t opt for a natural birth or if circumstances necessitate medical intervention?

Absolutely. The things you will learn in your HypnoBirthing classes will help you to learn relaxation skills that will be useful to both you and your baby, regardless of your birth experience. In the event that medical intervention of any sort is needed, you will find yourself better able to remain calm and in control. Mothers who have needed scheduled cesareans for medical reasons report that they were totally relaxed before, during and after the procedure. Many report that they needed little or no medication following the birth, and they were able to return to normal functioning in a very short period of time.

What if my doctor/midwife is not familiar with HypnoBirthing?

More and more care providers are becoming aware of the benefits of HypnoBirthing. In class, you will learn how to create a plan of Birth Preferences, which will help you to communicate your birthing goals and preferences to your doctor or midwife.

When is a good time to start?

Many women choose to start their HypnoBirthing sessions in the beginning of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. The more time you have to practice the methods the better. Even if you are very late in your pregnancy, HypnoBirthing® can still help you.

What is your investment?

Fees from Jan 1 2016: Five private 1.5 hour sessions: $1000 ($200 per session)

What our clients have to say about HypnoBirthing:

“I would like to thank you for your support in providing the most valuable tools that helped make my HypnoBirth of my beautiful, happy and healthy baby daughter one of the most empowering experiences of my life.”

“The tools you have provided will stay with me throughout my life. I am ever so grateful for your time and gentleness through out the course of HypnoBirthing.”