Neurofeedback Therapy - Appointment Information

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment process includes baseline assessment of clinical symptoms of possible dysregulation and comprehensive input from the client’s clinical psychologist and/or psychiatrist to determine whether neurofeedback may be helpful. A Mini Brain Map assessment is completed before the commencement of Neurofeedback Therapy. This allows us to personalise treatment to the individual’s specific “brain map”. Clients with more complex symptom presentations may also be referred for a quantitative EEG (qEEG) assessment.


Neurofeedback is used in combination with ongoing psychotherapy with the client’s clinical psychologist and/or treatment by the client’s psychiatrist. For optimal results, it is highly recommended that clients attend neurofeedback sessions twice weekly. Progress is monitored closely, with symptom review and treatment response monitoring completed by phone after each session during the initial treatment phase. This allows adjustments to be made to the treatment protocol as required.