Actigraphy Watch Assessment

Could an actigraphy assessment be helpful for you?

An actigraphy assessment can be useful if you have:
• Sleep complaints (including complaints of non-restorative sleep)
• Daytime sleepiness or hypersomnia
• Depression
• Attention difficulties (particularly for children and teens) It can also be helpful if you are a shift worker or if you are over 50 years of age and are having difficulty with your work schedule.

What is an actigraphy watch?

A non-invasive small wrist watch that provides a representation of your sleep/wake patterns. There are no wires or requirements other than to wear the watch for the whole day and evening (however please note that it is not waterproof). The watch uses an accelerometer to record motion, and a light feature to capture how much light exposure you receive in the day and evening.

What information will the actigraphy watch provide?

Information from the actigraphy watch is useful for:
• Identifying inappropriate sleep/wake patterns
• Detecting circadian rhythms disorders: atypical sleep times, irregular sleep patterns, insomnia
• Detecting advanced or delayed sleep phase syndrome
• Detecting periodic limb movement (a polysomnography will be required in addition if this is detected)